DIY E-Liquid

  1. The Beginners Guide to DIY E-Liquid Mixing

    The Beginners Guide to DIY E-Liquid Mixing

    If you have never used concentrates to mix your own flavours, the thought can be pretty daunting. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Read on to learn more about the DIY E-Liquid mixing process.


    What You Will Need 

    E-Liquid is made up of 4 main ingredients. A ‘base’ of PG and VG (which will make up around 70% of your e-liquid), Flavour Concentrates and Nicotine, but there are a few other tools that will help you in mixing your new favourite flavour.

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  2. Steeping - Everything You Need To Know

    Steeping - Everything You Need To Know

    What Is Steeping?

    You may notice the ‘recommended steep time’ on some of your DarkStar products. Steeping is the process used in e-liquid production of aging your juice so that all the individual flavours come out and it ultimately tastes better. This is something you can expect with DIY products. Your e-liquid will be made up of several components including VG, PG, Flavour Concentrates and Nicotine. These products have different densities and they need time to mix at a molecular level.How Long Should I Steep My E-Liquid?As a guideline the recommended steep times are as follows:
    Simple Fruit Flavours: 1-3 days
    Tobacco Flavours: 1-4 weeks
    Custard, Bakery/Dessert Flavours: 1-4 weeks

    These may seem like pretty vag

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  3. Over-Flavouring


    So your Darkstar Parcel has arrived, containing a variety of individual flavour concentrates that you’re hoping to make something nice with. One of your main criticisms of many commercial juices might be that they don’t have enough flavour. You’ve checked the PG & VG content and are sure that the E-Liquids have been steeped for an appropriate amount of time, yet they’re still lacking in flavour. Sometimes this will be down to an inadequate amount of flavouring used in their production. Often E-Liquids bought from companies will use the bare amount of flavouring possible to deliver what they deem to be an acceptable vape. This is because flavouring is the most expensive component in an E-Liquid mix, and often the first thing a company will look at reducing to save them money.

    Typically, E-Liquid mixes can range from 5% all the way up to 30%, although somewhere between 15% and 20% is fairly standard, using ingredients such as The Flavour

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