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  1. What Is DarkStar Laboratory?

    What Is DarkStar Laboratory?

    You might have noticed a new section on our website recently entitled ‘DarkStar Laboratory’ or ‘DS Labs’. We are now releasing three new DS Labs flavours into the wild for you to test every month! From your feedback, we can then determine which are the best of the best to ensure that our main ranges get the products that we know you want to see more of. Be part of the DarkStar testing committee by picking up these products at fantastic prices before they make it into part of our permanent line up.

    But wait, that’s not all. You can also now pick up DarkStar Labs bottle shots ‘Pre-Steeped’! For just one pound extra, avoid those long steep times on your favourite dessert flavours and get your 250ml Bottle Shot ready to vape.

    Once you have tried your DS Labs flavours, head over to our website and leave a review on the product page so that we know how you feel about the products. This is important If you want to order this product again. All feedback is welcome!


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  2. Birthday Cake Ice Cream – Now An Open Recipe!

    Birthday Cake Ice Cream – Now An Open Recipe!

    A few years back, we held a competition where our customers gave us suggestions for new flavours and the winner had their idea developed into a DarkStar flavour. The winner was ‘Birthday Cake Ice Cream’ - Fluffy sponge cake with jam and cream coated with sweet icing and surrounded with the creamiest fresh strawberry ice cream. Whether you loved it or hated it, BCIC was a head turner.

    You might notice that this diabolically decadent dessert is no longer available on the website. Never fear! If you were a die-hard BCIC fan, the recipe for this flavour is now available to the public!

    Dark Arts - Caramel 0.35%
    Capella - Funnel Cake 1%
    The Flavour Apprentice - Ripe Strawberry 4%
    Inawera - Shisha Strawberry

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