Monthly Archives: March 2020

  1. Covid-19


    During these unprecedented times, we have been taking actions to keep our customers, our staff and our friends safe. We are doing everything we can to keep the business running as normal and to continue getting our products into your hands. That being said, we have put the following measures in place to ensure that we can continue to operate without putting anyone at risk.


    • Our staff have been working remotely where possible to avoid social contact.
    • As usual, we have been following strict cleaning and sanitising procedures at DarkStar HQ. If there have been any opportunities to step up cleanliness in our warehouse and lab, these have been taken.
    • We have been monitoring all government advice and following accordingly. We will continue to produce and send out products until we are told it is not safe to do so.
    • Vulnerable staff, or staff showing any symptoms of Covid 19 have been told to stay home. This also goes for any staff where
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  2. How to Avoid Dry Hits

    How to Avoid Dry Hits

    We’ve all been there. You go to take a hit of your favourite e-liquid in your prized device and you get nothing but pain, a nasty burnt taste and a ruined coil. Dry hits are the worst. But don’t worry! We’re here to help. Check out this short blog to find out what causes dry hits and how to avoid them.


    What is a Dry Hit?

    This is when the cotton in your device is not saturated with liquid. This can be due to your coil not being wicked correctly, having an empty tank or running the wattage on your device too high. Read on to learn how to stop dry hits for good!


    Lack of Liquid

    If you have a conventional glass tank and pre-made coil, you may get dry hits because you do not have enough e-liquid in your tank. Look closely at the glass on your tank for a minimum fill line. If the liquid goes below this line then your coil will not be saturated. If your tank doesn’t have a minimum fill li

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