The DarkStar Flavour Development Philosophy

Here at DarkStar we pride ourselves on creating premium, high quality, award winning recipes from the purest ingredients. We believe there is a flavour for everyone. Something that brings a smile to the face, whether that be a reminder of a nostalgic flavour from childhood, a favourite cocktail or a decadent dessert. We aim to offer our customers a large range of unique flavours from a variety of different brands that cater to everyone’s taste.

The DarkStar team is made up of vaping enthusiasts from a ‘do it yourself’ background, with a passion for bringing you the most premium flavour profiles on the market. Created by our team of expert mixologists and meticulously trialed and tested by a committee of seasoned vapers to ensure a superior vaping experience, only the best of our recipes go from concept to final product.

We understand that most vapers are ex-smokers and we take this into account when developing our products. We offer liquids that you can trust, flavours that

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