1. Steeping - Everything You Need To Know

    Steeping - Everything You Need To Know

    What Is Steeping?

    You may notice the ‘recommended steep time’ on some of your DarkStar products. Steeping is the process used in e-liquid production of aging your juice so that all the individual flavours come out and it ultimately tastes better. This is something you can expect with DIY products. Your e-liquid will be made up of several components including VG, PG, Flavour Concentrates and Nicotine. These products have different densities and they need time to mix at a molecular level.How Long Should I Steep My E-Liquid?As a guideline the recommended steep times are as follows:
    Simple Fruit Flavours: 1-3 days
    Tobacco Flavours: 1-4 weeks
    Custard, Bakery/Dessert Flavours: 1-4 weeks

    These may seem like pretty vag

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  2. Budget Vaping

    Budget Vaping

    If you are an ex-smoker you will be aware that it is an incredibly expensive habit. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the UK is around £10.80 and the average smoker will smoke 11-12 per day. That’s £2365.20 spent on cigarettes per year!

    If you have made the switch to vaping you will have probably realised that you are saving money. We’re here to tell you that you may be able to save even more!

    Here are a few tips and tricks to help you save your hard-earned money.


    Building Your Own Coils

    Premade coils can cost a pretty penny if you are a frequent vaper. Instead of using a standard glass tank with premade stock coils, consider investing in ad RDA or Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. These are super affordable, starting at around £12 and up to £35 for more advanced models. They work the same way as a standard tank but instead of buying coils from a retailer you can build your own. To get started you will also need a

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  3. The DarkStar Flavour Development Philosophy

    The DarkStar Flavour Development Philosophy

    Here at DarkStar we pride ourselves on creating premium, high quality, award winning recipes from the purest ingredients. We believe there is a flavour for everyone. Something that brings a smile to the face, whether that be a reminder of a nostalgic flavour from childhood, a favourite cocktail or a decadent dessert. We aim to offer our customers a large range of unique flavours from a variety of different brands that cater to everyone’s taste.

    The DarkStar team is made up of vaping enthusiasts from a ‘do it yourself’ background, with a passion for bringing you the most premium flavour profiles on the market. Created by our team of expert mixologists and meticulously trialed and tested by a committee of seasoned vapers to ensure a superior vaping experience, only the best of our recipes go from concept to final product.

    We understand that most vapers are ex-smokers and we take this into account when developing our products. We offer liquids that you can trust, flavours that

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  4. Vaping Etiquette Do's and Don'ts

    Vaping Etiquette Do's and Don'ts

    Vaping is well and truly on the rise as a great way to give up smoking. It doesn’t produce smoke or nasty smells but that doesn’t mean that anything goes when it comes to vaping in public. If you are passionate about vaping you must also take into account the concerns of those around you.

    As vaping is still fairly new, a lot of the rules regarding where you can or can’t vape are still unspoken. If you are in doubt about the social etiquette do’s and don’ts of vaping, check out our list below!


    Don’t – Vape near children or pets

    This might be a no brainer for some but it’s still worth mentioning. As is generally the rule for smoking, it’s just good practice to avoid vaping around your child or pet. Although there isn’t much evidence that second hand vaping can cause any health problems, the nicotine in e-liquid is a poisonous chemical and can be dangerous if ingested.


    Don’t – Judge smokers

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  5. Over-Flavouring


    So your Darkstar Parcel has arrived, containing a variety of individual flavour concentrates that you’re hoping to make something nice with. One of your main criticisms of many commercial juices might be that they don’t have enough flavour. You’ve checked the PG & VG content and are sure that the E-Liquids have been steeped for an appropriate amount of time, yet they’re still lacking in flavour. Sometimes this will be down to an inadequate amount of flavouring used in their production. Often E-Liquids bought from companies will use the bare amount of flavouring possible to deliver what they deem to be an acceptable vape. This is because flavouring is the most expensive component in an E-Liquid mix, and often the first thing a company will look at reducing to save them money.

    Typically, E-Liquid mixes can range from 5% all the way up to 30%, although somewhere between 15% and 20% is fairly standard, using ingredients such as The Flavour

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  6. 5 Things to Know Before You Start Vaping

    5 Things to Know Before You Start Vaping

    So you’ve made the big decision to move on to vaping in your path to quit smoking. Great news! But hold your horses; there are a few things you should know before you start. Here are 5 important factors to keep in mind that just might help you give up for good.

    1. Get a device that works for you

    Choosing your first e-cigarette can be overwhelming, as there are so many options. For most first time vapers it helps to start with a ‘pen’ device. The good thing about pens is that they are relatively simple to use, cheap to purchase and easy to maintain. If you’re giving up smoking, you will probably be looking for something that mimics the act of smoking, and while the general feel of a pen may be similar, a lot of first-time vapers will revert to smoking because they do not get a satisfying ‘hit’ or nicotine intake from a pen device. This is where box mods are helpful. Box mods are generally more powerful and have more features than pens, allow

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  7. VG vs PG

    VG vs PG

    VG vs PG

    So, you’ve given up the ciggies, you’ve chosen you’re first device and now comes the next hurdle. When looking for e-liquid, you will hear the terms VG and PG thrown around a lot, but what are they? And how do they affect your vaping experience? Not to worry, we’ve put together a few reasons why you should choose a VG or PG based e-liquid and why. First let’s have a little background on what these ingredients are and what they do.


    PG stands for Propylene Glycol. It is a colorless liquid which is practically odorless but has a faint, sweet taste. The name may sound daunting, but PG is made to food-grade standards and its main use is as a food additive.  PG based e-liquids are considered better for flavour, as PG blends with flavour concentrates better than VG and it also gives a throat ‘hit’, similar to that of smoking cigarettes.

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