1. Win £100 Store Credit!

    Win £100 Store Credit!

    Here's your chance to win a massive £100 in store credit to spend on anything you like! It's easy to enter. Just follow the instructions below.

    All you have to do is join our our 16,000 strong facebook community and like our cover image at the top of the page so we know that you have entered!

    Our online community is a great place for all friendly discussion related to DIY e-liquid and vaping in general. Want to know more about a product before you commit to purchasing? Show off your newest mod? Or just want to chat to like-minded people? The DarkStar Vape Community is a great resource for all this and more.

    Entries must be placed before 16.11.2020. Entrants must be over 21 to participate. Winner will be notified via facebook on 16.11.2020.

    Keep your eyes on our blog

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  2. Vaping To Quit Smoking - Honest Advice From DarkStar

    Vaping To Quit Smoking - Honest Advice From DarkStar

    If you are reading this blog, you are probably considering making the switch to vaping - in your journey to kick smoking to the curb. Congrats! You’ve already taken the first step.  You may have read our previous blog ‘5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Vaping’. If not, check it out after you’ve read this for some more in depth advice. In this blog we will try to give an honest opinion and, speaking from experience, give you the best options to go forward and beat the habit for good.

    We know how difficult it is to quit smoking. At the start, nothing you try will be the same as a cigarette. Even now, after not touching cigarettes for 5 years, I still get the urge in stressful situations or after a drink or two! In the past, we would look to less evolved nicotine replacement options, such as nicotine patches, gum, spray or inhalers. Having tried all these alternatives, none have even came close to being as satisfying as my favourite brand of smokes. Now there i

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  3. What Is DarkStar Laboratory?

    What Is DarkStar Laboratory?

    You might have noticed a new section on our website recently entitled ‘DarkStar Laboratory’ or ‘DS Labs’. We are now releasing three new DS Labs flavours into the wild for you to test every month! From your feedback, we can then determine which are the best of the best to ensure that our main ranges get the products that we know you want to see more of. Be part of the DarkStar testing committee by picking up these products at fantastic prices before they make it into part of our permanent line up.

    But wait, that’s not all. You can also now pick up DarkStar Labs bottle shots ‘Pre-Steeped’! For just one pound extra, avoid those long steep times on your favourite dessert flavours and get your 250ml Bottle Shot ready to vape.

    Once you have tried your DS Labs flavours, head over to our website and leave a review on the product page so that we know how you feel about the products. This is important If you want to order this product again. All feedback is welcome!


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  4. Birthday Cake Ice Cream – Now An Open Recipe!

    Birthday Cake Ice Cream – Now An Open Recipe!

    A few years back, we held a competition where our customers gave us suggestions for new flavours and the winner had their idea developed into a DarkStar flavour. The winner was ‘Birthday Cake Ice Cream’ - Fluffy sponge cake with jam and cream coated with sweet icing and surrounded with the creamiest fresh strawberry ice cream. Whether you loved it or hated it, BCIC was a head turner.

    You might notice that this diabolically decadent dessert is no longer available on the website. Never fear! If you were a die-hard BCIC fan, the recipe for this flavour is now available to the public!

    Dark Arts - Caramel 0.35%
    Capella - Funnel Cake 1%
    The Flavour Apprentice - Ripe Strawberry 4%
    Inawera - Shisha Strawberry

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  5. Thank You! - HEROES Help Them Help Us Donation

    Thank You! - HEROES Help Them Help Us Donation

    Last month, we donated £1 from every Bottle Shot sold, to a great cause. ‘HEROES’ is a charity founded by NHS workers, for NHS workers, which helps keep our front line workers safe during the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond. Their services cover: 

    -       Physical protection of NHS staff on the frontline

    -       Counselling and psychological services

    -       Hassle-free small grants service to support childcare 

    -       Transport

    -       Perks for hospital facilities

    -       Public and professional education resources on Coronavirus 

    With the £1 from every bottle shot sold, plus a little extra, we have donated a total of £7500

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  6. The Beginners Guide to DIY E-Liquid Mixing

    The Beginners Guide to DIY E-Liquid Mixing

    If you have never used concentrates to mix your own flavours, the thought can be pretty daunting. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Read on to learn more about the DIY E-Liquid mixing process.


    What You Will Need 

    E-Liquid is made up of 4 main ingredients. A ‘base’ of PG and VG (which will make up around 70% of your e-liquid), Flavour Concentrates and Nicotine, but there are a few other tools that will help you in mixing your new favourite flavour.

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  7. How to Get the Most Out of Your E-Liquid

    How to Get the Most Out of Your E-Liquid

    You’ve received your latest DarkStar package in the post, but your favourite flavour just isn’t hitting the spot like it should. What do you do? We’ve put together this short blog to inform you why your flavour might not be packing the punch that you are used to and how to combat weak flavour.


    Vapours Tongue

    Also known as Vapours Fatigue, vapours tongue occurs when you are over exposed to taste and smell. It feels like a coating on your tongue, which stops you tasting properly. This can be caused by dehydration and the best way to cure it is to drink more water, reduce the amount of tea or coffee that you consume (as these will make you dehydrated) and avoiding chain vaping so that you do not overwhelm your senses.


    Device Cleanliness

    If you haven’t cleaned your device for some time, a build-up of gunk could be causing a lack of flavour. This means you should change your coils regularly and als

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  8. £1 from every Bottle Shot sold goes to HEROES - Helping protect our NHS staff on the front line against Covid-19

    £1 from every Bottle Shot sold goes to HEROES - Helping protect our NHS staff on the front line against Covid-19

    We are facing what has become our greatest public health emergency in living memory. That’s why we have decided that £1 from every Bottle Shot sold will go towards HEROES – Help Them Help Us, supporting the welfare and wellbeing of NHS staff as they fight COVID-19.

    The £1 from your Bottle Shot purchase will go to provide practical support for the physical, mental, and day to day wellbeing of NHS staff across the nation, as they put their safety on the line to battle Coronavirus. Heroes aims to give NHS staff support in the following areas:

    -       Physical protection of NHS staff on the frontline
    -       Counselling and psychological services
    -       Hassle-free small grants service to support childcare 
    -       Transport
    -       Perks for hospital facilities
    -       Public and p

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  9. Covid-19


    During these unprecedented times, we have been taking actions to keep our customers, our staff and our friends safe. We are doing everything we can to keep the business running as normal and to continue getting our products into your hands. That being said, we have put the following measures in place to ensure that we can continue to operate without putting anyone at risk.


    • Our staff have been working remotely where possible to avoid social contact.
    • As usual, we have been following strict cleaning and sanitising procedures at DarkStar HQ. If there have been any opportunities to step up cleanliness in our warehouse and lab, these have been taken.
    • We have been monitoring all government advice and following accordingly. We will continue to produce and send out products until we are told it is not safe to do so.
    • Vulnerable staff, or staff showing any symptoms of Covid 19 have been told to stay home. This also goes for any staff where
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  10. How to Avoid Dry Hits

    How to Avoid Dry Hits

    We’ve all been there. You go to take a hit of your favourite e-liquid in your prized device and you get nothing but pain, a nasty burnt taste and a ruined coil. Dry hits are the worst. But don’t worry! We’re here to help. Check out this short blog to find out what causes dry hits and how to avoid them.


    What is a Dry Hit?

    This is when the cotton in your device is not saturated with liquid. This can be due to your coil not being wicked correctly, having an empty tank or running the wattage on your device too high. Read on to learn how to stop dry hits for good!


    Lack of Liquid

    If you have a conventional glass tank and pre-made coil, you may get dry hits because you do not have enough e-liquid in your tank. Look closely at the glass on your tank for a minimum fill line. If the liquid goes below this line then your coil will not be saturated. If your tank doesn’t have a minimum fill li

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